Tune into the Podcast 

Hi friend! My name is Michaela Belle.

I’m an online educator, speaker, author, podcaster and entrepreneur to name a few. I know…I wear a few hats, but as women don’t we all?  Sidenote… I believe you can be this AND that, because boxes are for things not people.

Can I be honest though...it hasn't always been rainbows and butterflies. I spent so much of my life insecure after an abusive relationship, imprisoned by my fear, and held back by my brokenness.  

After a horrible breakup, I made an intentional decision to work on my relationship with myself and my relationship with God.  I recognized that you repeat what you don't repair, so I took the time to heal and get whole.  

I now teach women the exact process I went through to heal, upgrade self-image and improve our lives by developing SAVVY life skills through my 6 week online group coaching course. 

I believe in women and I believe in the power of collective wisdom.  Together, we're better 

My passion is to teach women, especially single women, on how to transition from the supporting role to rocking the lead role.

fun facts


My Bachelors Degree is in American Sign Language Interpreting

My whole family sings and we had a band growing up...The Woodbridge Family Singers and there were matching outfits

I was homeschooled for 2 years and my mom named our school “The rainbow school of happiness” ...and yes there were matching outfits for this one too.

My childhood was actually great despite the 2 facts above

I’m an introvert...this shocks people

I was a Barre3 instructor

A Table for Two

Join me at a virtual table for two. My goal is to not just share the triumphs of life but also the messy "middle" we rarely see on social media. It's time to pull back the curtain of perceived perfection and get a glimpse at what life is really like in pursuit of goals, dreams, successful relationships!


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